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You can find Chef Stephan VanHeulen’s recipe for Citrus-Cured Salmon in the December 2018 issue of Grand Rapids Magazine.

Very finely shred quarter of the red cabbage. Wash, peel and coarsely grate the beetroot. Peel, halve and finely slice the red onion. Cut the apple into quarter’s, cut out the core, then thinly slice. Put the cabbage, onion, apple, allspice, bay leaf, sugar, vinegar and a scant grating of nutmeg into heavy-based pan, one with a lid.

LeBron James in the fast break of life is far scarier than any of his moves at Staples Center. This scares a lot of people. As it should. Those kinds of victories come with far more pressure than that of raising another banner.

Hulled raw sunflower seeds can be used in muffins, cookies, bread and homemade granola and can be sprinkled on salads and cereal.

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A New Hampshire man broke a national record for the heaviest pumpkin at the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, N.H., Thursday night, fair officials said.

Amanda Rae wonders if LoBaVi (for Lower Base Village) should be an abbreviation. Thoughts?

Nicki requests buckets of fried chicken (lots of wings), fried hard turkey bacon, Bumble Bee tuna, plus one large cheese platter. But, this is for Nicki "and her crew." Adorable.

While Jay-Z’s characterization of American Jews drew immediate condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League, the group ultimately said Jay’s history of speaking out against racism and anti-Semitism held more clout than the lyric. The Atlantic‘s Adam Serwer noted in 2017 that while the lyrics were “beneath” Jay-Z, “[Shawn] Carter is also drawing on an old tradition of using American Jews as a model of a downtrodden people who found success in America. Frederick Douglass predicted that just as Jewish people had ‘risen’ despite discrimination in Europe, ‘in like manner the Negro will rise in social scale.’ ”

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“I used to be a commercial crawdad fisherman and I’d throw all the dead ones in the garden. And I didn’t buy any fantastic seed or anything and there’d be a 164-pound pumpkin there,” he said.

While Rollies opened December 30, 2017, we couldn’t possibly have published a “best restaurants of 2017” on December 31. So here it is.

About 2.3 million Pennsylvanians were counted among the country’s backyard birders in 2011, the last time a state-focused report was drawn out of that national survey.

Sunflower seeds and products made from them are often contaminated with a toxin produced by molds, report researchers. This poses an increased health risk in many low-income countries worldwide.

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